How to obliterate mannary glands?

According to a research in Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine, almost half of the men are suffering from the issue of excessive fat in chest area. To some people, it may sound a joke or a point to make fun of others/suffers but in reality, it is a little damaging on the part of personality building. Unfortunately, in some severe conditions, even a surgery is recommended but often enough men can get rid of this problem by simply following a few steps or changing their living pattern a bit. Hence, committing yourself to exercise, healthy meals in your diet, reduce body fat, a dedicated regime of cardio & strength training and dumping all the confectionary (sugary) foods from your kitchen cabinets can really make the difference that you are willing to experience.


But first, let’s dig a little deeper that why it happens in the first place. The answer is no rocket science and anybody can easily understand with a little assistance and guidance of a doctor. Basically, Chesticles normally occur when the hormonal imbalance is present. However, in older man, it may need a little more evaluation but in teenagers, it is usually the case of improper hormones. Genf20 Plus

Workout Mantra:

It is a kind of no brainer that exercise and especially cardio & strength training enable your body to get in its more lean shape. However, just relying merely on exercise is actually an unrealistic approach but it does not mean that it is not working. It’s just a support mechanism that you can avail with other choices of yours that you are going to make if you really want to see a change in your body shape and more particularly in your chest area. There are plenty of sites today available on internet that simply let you have exercise sets/ plans that can help you out to get rid of this issue of excessive fat tissues in men breast. Thus, start your workout routine today by getting facility of these websites and they are totally free and how else this option could have been better than the rest!

To give you a small glimpse, a few of the chest associated exercises are mentioned below, you can get the details online to add them in your workout sessions.

  1. Body weight pull-ups
  2. Rowboats
  • Goblet squat
  1. Ring dips
  2. Medicine ball chest pass
  3. Typewriter push-up
  • Dumbbell chest fly
  • Push up
  1. Single Arm Dumbbell chest pass
  2. Mountain climber
  3. Landmine press
  • Wide grip barbell bench press

Support of Food:

Your journey of slim and smart body shape starts in the kitchen because it is where the most of the things happening! It is almost a No-secret that your workout is highly essential but without resolving your kitchen/ eating issues, you will take a hard time to see some considerable changes. That’s why modification in your daily diet is mandatory. Have a breakfast and then have a meal every 3-4 hours, and you can incorporate in your diet 7-8 food items that are scientifically proven that can accelerate your metabolic rate overall as diet does not keep any direct influence on your breast tissues but when it come to reduction in the overall size metabolic rate does matter. So, here are a few food items to begin with

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  1. Green Tea has caffeine, a known stimulant & antioxidants plus new evidences in the field of health industry indicate that the active ingredient “Catechin” of green tea has an ability to maximize the metabolism by helping the human body.
  2. Cacao is said to have properties that can accelerate blood circulation, perform a pivotal role to stimulate enzymes that are mainly related to digestive system, appetite suppression, in maintaining level of sugar in blood. Moreover, it is high in Magnesium that is undoubtedly helpful for biochemical reactions that are needed for an ideal metabolism.
  • Quinoa, grain seeds like structure in appearance, is rich in fiber, amino acids that are vital and calcium.  As protein and enrich fiber foods are considered high on thermic impact. Hence, it means, human body loses more calories by simply digestion. As Higher Metabolism = having a high thermic effect
  1. Leafy Greens possess high fiber & iron. Greeny leafy vegetables are good for over all nutrients intake.
  2. Eggs act like power house why? Because they are packed with chromium, iron, Vitamin D, Protein and Vitamins of B complex. With Extended degree of Thermic effect, eggs let your body to digest better and directly a great impact on better metabolism.
  3. Chia seeds have healthy fats with the set of protein and fibers to keep you feel fuller for a longer period of time.
  • Chili Peppers are great at boosting the metabolic process of body due to a chemical “capsaicin” that is present in them
  • Beans are good source of zinc and B vitamins. They are helpful in boosting Testosterone levels and an ultimate increase in metabolic rate. Additionally, they develop calorie-burning muscle in both males and females.

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