How men can get hard and long-lasting erections

Majority of the men face the problem of premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. This problem often results in dissatisfaction of your partner during sex. It is a common issue and men can easily avoid it. If you are suffering from unsatisfied sex life, then you have reached the right website. Here in this article, I will let you know how you can get hard and long-lasting erections. Men mostly depend on excuses when they are unable to hold long-lasting erections such as ‘I am not in mood of sex tonight’, or ‘Sorry, I am much drunk’.

No more excuses from now onwards. It’s time to make your penis much stronger so that you can have better sex and firmer erections. Most of you might be thinking that it is impossible to strengthen penis but it is not true. Penis is made up of 30-60 % smooth muscle tissues. So, it is possible to shrink or grow these muscles. You would be happy to know that supplements and pills are now available in market that can naturally strengthen penis. Male Extra is one of the leading pills that can improve your sex life.

Ways to get harder, bigger and long-lasting erections

  • Kegel exercises

Begin with doing Kegel exercises. These exercises can flex and hold your pelvic floor / PC / pubococcygeus muscles. Basic Kegel exercises cannot provide you the desired results overnight but these are good for beginners. Try to perform these exercises for few weeks and increase their duration after every week. After some weeks, you will start getting firmer and stronger erection.


  • Masturbation without porn

Porn shown in Hollywood movies is fake. The actors involved in this film do several retakes before finalizing one scene. Sometimes, these movies show sex scenes that last for many hours. In reality, it is not possible to have such long sex without any breaks. Involve yourself into masturbation without using porn. You must be aware of your physical strength so that you can have a better control over your ejaculations and erections with your sex partner. SizeGenetics

  • Deep breathing

If you want to accelerate your ejaculations, then you have to take some steps. In order to have long-lasting sexual session, you have to relax muscles and then breathe deeply into tummy. Deep breathing will help you get better control over ejaculations and erections.

  • The ‘9-5’ technique

This technique is considered as best for strengthening penis together with increasing sexual stamina. Masturbate to sexual arousal on internal scale of 1-10 by means of speeding up and decelerating manual stimulation. Sexual arousal should range between 5 and 9. 5 is the level when you are fairly erect and 9 is the level of no return and from where you can easily get back to 5. You have to keep yourself between these points for at least 20 minutes. This technique will help you realize sexual arousal and penis will also get stronger. Moreover, you will also acquire more command on your ejaculations. You will start observing the results after 1-2 sessions.

Another way to control ejaculations is by using Male Extra pills. L-methionine is found in these pills that can delay your ejaculation by reducing the levels of histamine. Research studies have revealed that higher histamine levels are associated with premature ejaculation.

  • Identify anxious thoughts

For having a better sex, it is essential to recognize your anxious thoughts. When you start doing sex with your partner, then always hear your inner feelings. Have some patience and concentrate on those sensations which are felt by your body.

  • Do not stress yourself

Get yourself free from any stressful situation otherwise it will affect your sexual life. Stress increases the levels of cortisol in body that ultimately drops your sex drive. You would not be able to perform better if you are stressed. Keep yourself away from doing overtime and extra work burden. Try to live a balanced and more relaxed lifestyle so that you can also have a better sex life. Engage yourself in socializing, playing, hustling and fun if you want to reduce your stress.

  • Male-enhancement products

Males would be glad to know that now they can easily get male-enhancement products from market or through manufacturer’s websites. The list of these products is unlimited and there is a variety of these products such as pills, creams, and pumps. However, you have to choose the right product in order to avoid any negative consequences. Male Extra is a reliable male-enhancement pill that will not only make your penis stronger but will also help in long-lasting erections. You can easily buy this product online and simply follow the instructions of manufacturer regarding its usage.

  • Reduce fat gut

Fat gut can cause diabetes that will ultimately make men impotent. Studies have shown that more than 50% diabetic men are impotent. This disease can greatly affect your penis by accelerating the procedure of arterial infection and by slowing the stimuli transmission along nerves all through your body. A penis without any sensation is not considered good for men, especially for their sex life. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce fat gut and also consume less sugar content.

  • Skip taxi or any other vehicle

A recent research study has revealed that men who have engaged themselves in two miles walk everyday were less likely to suffer from erection problems. Men can also do 30 minutes weight-lifting or 20 minutes jogging instead of 2 miles walk. The deposits that are responsible for stiffening or clogging penile arteries can result in faster erection. The linings of blood vessels within penis can become more flexible, healthier, and cleaner if you do more exercise.

Final verdict

Now you do not need to feel embarrassed in front of your sex partner. These 9 ways will definitely help you in getting harder and long-lasting erections. All you need to do is to stick with these ways so that your penis muscles can grow faster.