Foods and Sources that can improve your levels of Testosterone

Testosterone is from the family of androgen. it is a naturally occurring substance that is present in the body of man and woman, it is just that it plays a little better & key roles in a male body than female such as preventing a certain types of cancers, better libido , growth of hair and muscle development etc. Lack of right levels of testosterone can cause some little dangerous and some fatal issues. In short, right amount in the body of this particular hormone is mandatory. Moreover, foods that are good source of vitamin D and zinc can really help.

Good thing is there are a few edible things and sources that can increase your testosterone levels without giving you any harm. The list is as follows:

  1. Go for a Tuna:

Tuna is one healthy solution for this hormonal issue. Why? It is more than full of Vitamin D and it makes it extremely amazing for boosting testosterone naturally. Secondly, Tuna is jam packed with protein and it implies that you will get less weight this protein source than any source that is full with carbs. It is inexpensive and it screams that it is healthy. This is a natural source to enhance your testosterone levels.

  1. Milk is good for you (men) too!

Milk is another way through which you can keep your testosterone levels in check. Interestingly, it is highly suggestible for women and children to drink milk for stronger bones and calcium requirements of the body but milk is very essential for men too as it is not only good for bones but it is a great start to get good levels of testosterone hormonal balance, just make it sure you opt for a carton that contains reasonable amount of vitamin D as well and select a Low fat version / skim milk since milk with all the saturated fat or without saturated fat possesses the same quality of nutrients.

  1. Shellfish:

In just a 3-ounce of serving of shellfish (Alaskan king crab), you are most likely to attain the 43% of daily value of zinc and eating crab or lobsters could be a good answer to the low levels of testosterone problem. All type of sea food is good but Alaskan king crab is a must try thing! Testogen

  1. Beans:

From protecting heart health to restore hormonal imbalance, beans are more than what you have been considering them to be! White, black, or red kidney beans all are perfect as a source of 2 in 1 power of Vitamin D and Zinc. Additionally, the beans are a great source of plant-based protein and they provide you their nutrients better when they are eaten in baked form.

  1. Egg Yolk:

Egg yolk is surely a great addition to the daily nutrient intake of yours. We all know that egg whites are great at helping for high protein and low cholesterol but Egg yolks cannot be neglected either as they are high in Vitamin D or that implies they can be good at boosting testosterone levels. Luckily, the egg as a food choice is light on your pocket too! Keep an eye on your cholesterol and you are good to take an egg a day.

  1. Add Magnesium in your diet (through Almonds):

Almonds contain magnesium (105mg in a ¼ of a cup). Magnesium is said to be shown amazing results when it comes to promote testosterone hormone both in people of the more sedentary persuasion and in athletes. Use it as a snack, binge on almonds and increase your Magnesium levels with almost no hard work.

  1. Beef:

Every day meat especially beef consumption make it a little a serious business, as it is linked to colon cancer and some other types of cancers but if the consumption is moderate and it is restricted to only lean cuts of beef and certain less hazardous parts, beef can be a real tonic as beef liver is exceptionally a nice source of vitamin D and chuck roast & ground beef good for zinc. Just make it sure, you keep a check on the fats and then you are free to enjoy and have its goods.

  1. Some other sources to consider:

Healthy food choices probably support you when your “T levels” are low but they are not the proper treatment of hypogonadism. A health expert/ doctor should confirm that your “levels of T” are Low through a blood test and a Physical Examination. If you are diagnosed with low T, you are likely to be suggested testosterone hormone replacement like:

  • injections
  • skin patches
  • topical gel
  • tablets or pills (test booster supplements such as “Testo Max”)

Can Testo Max be helpful?

First and the most important point, it is natural and a great alternative for the illegal steroids that are present on market. Safety is their number one priority; you cannot be misled when you choose it. You can experience amazing out comes when you opt for it. Plus, better energy, performance, strength and gain in muscle mass, all in one with this revolutionary supplement. If you ask me about side effects then the answer is “No”, because the components that have been used in it are all natural and that gives it some serious positive leverage over other test boosters that are available on market.